How to Send NECO Results to WES


World Education Service (WES) is one of the leading credentials evaluation organization in the world. If you plan to study abroad or immigrate abroad (international students and skilled immigrants), having the WES Accreditation is very important. wes logo - How to Send NECO Results to WES

WES verifies all educational documents including your WAEC and NECO results. In this article, we will be sharing with you how to send your NECO Results to WES for verification.

We reached out to NECO to find out the exact steps necessary to get results to WES and below is the correct procedure. If you want to send your WAEC Result to WES, check out How to Send WAEC Results to WES.

Procedure for Sending NECO Results to WES

1 – Apply for confirmation of result, the fee of which is 5000 Naira (EXCLUDING Remita/bank charges) and 50 Naira Stamp duty fee payable into the National Examinations Council’s Treasury Single Account (TSA), payment of which can only be made in Nigeria.

2 – Attach the original copy of the payment receipt and an online copy of your result to your letter of request for result confirmation. You are to submit via speed post/courier (EMS, DHL or FEDEX) service delivery directly to the following:





Please note: you are to make provisions for the posting of the result confirmation to the destination school/institution, by including a self-paid speed-post return envelope, already addressed to the recipient, as this will facilitate quick delivery.

Also, note that you need to indicate the recipient in your application as we do not give confirmed results to candidates directly.

For the self-paid speed-post return envelope, you need to get an envelop from the courier, put your WES reference number and the WES Address,

The best way to do this is to use DHL, FEDEX or UPS (post office doesn’t work). I am sure of DHL but I believe the other list courier will also work.
When you get to their main office (main office not corner shops), tell them you want to send a letter to NECO and also include a Self- paid envelope in the package going there.  which they will use to send the reply to Canada.
Then address the self-paid envelope to WES Canada.

Then include it in the package you send to NECO headquarters, they will use the envelope to send your NECO Results to WES.

WES SampleSealedEnvelope frontonly ca - How to Send NECO Results to WES


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